AI Tracklight

The future of lighting

Arena Intelligence tracklight
equipped with artificial intelligence
and double sensor, color and presence reading

What is AI Tracklight?

Arena Intelligence, the new series of products developed by Arena Luci, focused on lighting solutions with artificial intelligence, presents AI Tracklight. This is a track spotlight with double sensor including one for presence and one for color recognition. AI Tracklight is based on artificial intelligence and combines countless functions in one product. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the best shade of light is automatically determined to enhance the objects in front of the sensor based on the color detected. The presence sensor can collect and analyze the purchasing behaviors and preferences of customers, giving you in real time all the numbers necessary to improve every strategy related to visual merchandising.
Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the operational efficiency of AI Tracklight to optimize its energy consumption. The app allows optimal management of product lighting with the aim of improving visual effects and optimizing sales opportunities. Physical stores can exploit the data present in the platform to make the most correct decisions and improve the customer experience TCK5332N-AI TCK5332B-AI

The main advantages of AI Tracklight

Improves customer experience:

the AI spotlight creates a more engaging and pleasant atmosphere within the premises. In a shop, the shade of light can vary based on the color of the object detected to best enhance it.

Improves energy efficiency:

can adjust lighting levels based on the presence or absence of customers in different areas of the store. This saves you money by reducing energy consumption.

Improves marketing activities

the AI spotlight presence sensor can be used for tracking the number of people detected near the object, determine the time and length of stay to establish the level of satisfaction.

Easy installation

Eurotrack track attachment

Color detection sensor

Presence sensor

Management through dedicated app

Customizations and data collection

Multiple areas of usage

Thanks to its simplicity of installation and its potential, AI Tracklight is suitable for countless areas of use including:

Car dealers

Improves the exposure of cars by enhancing their colors and details. Furthermore, its use allows us to study customer behavior in relation to the product in more detail.

Furniture and decor shops

It is suitable for illuminating furniture and furnishing components, creating more emotional atmospheres. With the data collected it is possible to implement even more effective and targeted visual marketing strategies.

Fashion shops and boutiques

Enhance the clothing and accessories on display. Furthermore - by exploiting the presence sensor - it will be possible to collect precious data to study customer behaviour.

Ceramics, minerals and stones

It emphasizes the natural colors, highlighting the transparencies, veins, properties and liveliness of these materials.

Supermarket and grocery stores

Used in supermarkets and grocery stores, it improves the appearance of food by highlighting their color with the aim of attracting the customer.

Art galleries, museums and churches

It ensures that the texture and color of the works of art are optimal, enhancing them to the fullest.

Fairs and exhibitions

Permette di analizzare i flussi di traffico dei tuoi visitatori – e la heat map del tuo stand – per capire qual è la zona che ha suscitato più interesse, oltre ad ottimizzare l’illuminazione dei prodotti esposti.

color detection sensor

Adaptive light spectrum

A color detection system and high color rendering

AI Tracklight uses a revolutionary lighting technology that uses artificial intelligence to obtain an adaptive light spectrum based on the product category and automatically detected colors. The internal algorithm activates the lighting system, generating the best light spectrum to best enhance the product, improving the customer's visual experience.


Through artificial intelligence, the spotlight automatically adjusts the lighting based on product detection. You can use the app to adjust the response time.


When a product is located at an excessive distance from the sensor, you can use this function to take a photo in order to detect the color and allow the spotlight to adjust the best shade to best enhance it.


In a group, one of the spotlights equipped with a sensor can be set as the Master device, and all the others will follow the light spectrum. This is extremely important when all lights need to look the same.


The customization function, present on the app, allows users to select the tone of the light and therefore improve the color. This function is particularly interesting for creating particular settings.

What are the differences?

As you can see from the photos, AI Tracklight - thanks to its technology - automatically sets the most suitable shade in reference to the colors detected by the sensor. All this to make the illuminated object stand out as best as possible, guaranteeing brilliant and faithful colors.

Presence sensor

a new partner for your business

Improve your sales strategy thanks to the data collected by the dedicated sensor

The presence sensor allows you to monitor how many people stop in front of the window - or certain products - analyze customers' purchasing behaviors and preferences, offering real-time data to structure even more targeted and effective marketing strategies.

Main features and benefits:

Improved sales performance: By analyzing the data collected, stores can identify strengths and weaknesses in their sales performance, giving all the right tools to undertake more effective marketing strategies.
Improve customer experience: By observing customer dwell time, stores can identify high-traffic areas that require improvement and make the necessary changes to improve the overall experience.
Personalized marketing: Collecting data on the number of shoppers allows stores to segment customers to create personalized marketing campaigns, aimed at specific customers and with relevant offers.
Competitive advantage:By exploiting data, stores can gain an advantage over their competitors, improving the shopping experience.
Administration for different positions: Management and staff can access data and the app dashboard differently, based on their different positions and roles.

Revolutionize Retail Intelligence

AI Tracklight, through its sensors, is able to constantly monitor customer behavior within your store by collecting real-time data on their interactions and movements. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence that processes this data, a detailed heat map can be created. It can intuitively display the areas of the store that are most frequented by customers. This tool allows store managers to have an immediate and detailed vision of customer behavior and their preferences within the commercial space. Using this technology, stores can make significant improvements by optimizing product layout, evaluate the effectiveness of promotion and marketing strategies, improve staff management based on customer flow, and even dynamically adjust lighting in busy areas to ensure maximum customer comfort and involvement.

Energy management

AI Tracklight can detect presence or absence of customers by automatically adjusting the intensity of the light. It guarantees a bright environment and comfortable when customers are present and saving energy when the store is empty. This intelligent adaptation ability improves not only energy efficiency, but also the overall customer experience in the store.

All in one design

Available in black and white colors, with a modern and compact design, this product seamlessly integrates into any environment. Its ease of installation makes it a practical choice for any setting. Furthermore, it provides the flexibility to adjust the angle and direction of light, ensuring a highly customizable lighting solution to meet your needs.



90° Tilt

360° Rotation

30° Shielding Angle

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